Jamaica Weddings



So, you want a tropical destination wedding on the Island of Jamaica and

their beaches are calling with so many choices . . .


how do you narrow the options???



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With astonishing natural beauty, a heavenly climate and a vibrant culture . . . the Island of Jamaica offers brides the perfect mix of easy and exotic. From finding the right destination within Jamaica . . . to deciding between the vast array of resorts, we have everything you need to know about planning a destination wedding. In doing destination weddings now for over (18) years, We are inevitably asked, “So where’s the best place for a destination wedding?” or “What’s the most romantic spot for a honeymoon?”. In our office we consider these as TRICK questions and the more weddings we do, the more often we change our minds as to the answers to these questions. With more and more resorts being built in Jamaica, how could we not change our opinions. We want to remind you that Jamaica delivers a distinct version of a tropical paradise. The first step is to determine which is the best for you and your tropical destination wedding.

Looking at the weddings in Jamaica, we have found that the wedding packages include so many of the important services requested and are able to add those additional touches which every bride would like. You will find that in looking at the weddings in Jamaica, that the cost price point you are considering can be found at a number of resorts, such as the moderately priced Riu Resorts, the Iberostar Selection Suites Rose Hall and the Iberostar Beach Rose Hall to the higher price point of the Moon Palace Ocho Rios and the Sandals Resorts through Jamaica, both on the North and South Coast. We assist you in finding the cost price point which fits within your own personal budget.


In planning your wedding, please keep in mind that, unless your are eloping, a destination wedding is about more than just the two of you. If you are asking your family and friends to spend extra time and money to join you, it’s important to take their needs into consideration when narrowing down your destination. You want a place that will reflect your interests and style as a couple, of course, but also something that’s well received by all . . . . otherwise you might run the risk of either feeling guilty as your guests secretly gripe or your wedding plans might become eloping by default if no one decides they can make it.
When it comes to convenience, climate and culture . . . Jamaica has it ALL from wedding-worthy hotels, great wedding packages, all-inclusive services and guest group activities to the price guarantees and payment plans we can set up for everyone attending.


Once you settle on a destination, the next step is to pick your specific wedding venue. Weddings are big business in Jamaica and as a result, each resort has developed their own special wedding packages, just to showcase their own resort. We are here to go over these wedding packages with you and assist you in deciding which package will offer you the best value along with giving you all of the services you want for your wedding day. Another important perk, which these wedding packages include, is a local Jamaican florist, who can assist you developing your wedding colors with your own bridal bouquet, along with all of the flowers for the ceremonial area, guest tables and, of course, the entire bridal party.
The wonderful part about the “all-inclusive” resorts is that they are tailor-made for exactly your guest list = the “adults only” resorts for a guest list for your adult family members and friends (when you have decided to exclude children) OR the “family-friendly” resorts for when you are inviting everyone to your wedding. We will end this now and wait for you to respond to the JAMAICA calling you. We think the best last words we can tell you is that we have NEVER had a bridal couple say they wish hadn’t planned a destination wedding. That speaks for itself. I am sure there are plenty of brides who have said “If I could do it over again, I would so have a destination wedding” and that is why we offer to you a renewal of vows.