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So you’ve decided you want a wedding away . . . On a breathtaking beach for your big day. But where do you start??? You’ve heard it before . . . timing is everything. Here’s the scoop on typical weather conditions around the Caribbean and the best months to travel:


(January – March)

You’ll pay top dollar to head South this time of year with good reason. Winter is generally the driest season, which means sunny days in the 80’s. It’s also when the Northerners want to escape the cold, so book early, especially on holiday weekends and Carnival.

(April – June)

Many hotels and wedding venues begin dropping their rates after Easter, but the weather is still picture perfect, with temps in the upper 80’s. Spring is a big season for weddings so book your venue far in advance, especially for a weekend event.

(July – September)

This is the height of hurricane season (June 1 – November 30) but rates are at the lowest, and your chances of being hit are statistically slim. Still, look into travel insurance. Many resorts offer backup options in case weather changes your plans.

(October – December)

As fall enters, humidity levels drop, and the chance of afternoon showers fades. But temps are warm and rates are still climbing. You’ll pay a premium for holiday weeks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you can find great bargains outside of those dates.




Your getaway is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . . . a once-in-a-lifetime reward for surviving the wedding planning stresses. So the last thing you want is more worry over spending too much on the trip. We hope that the following tips will assist you to get the most for your travel dollars. We are here to assist you in explaining each of these or answering any of your questions.

  1. Price Out Airfare First. Before you settle on a wedding or honeymoon destination, please remember, that a major factor in comparing destinations is the airfare.
  2. Use Common Sense. Because of global recession, your dream destination of the past may have recently come into reach. Many destinations have become more affordable now.
  3. Beware of Holidays & Special Events. Expect top rates during the winter season around Christmas and New Years. If you are looking at Spring, be sure to check when Easter and spring break fall in the destination you are looking at.
  4. Consider Shoulder Season. If you are working with a tight budget and feeling as though you might not possibly be able to select your choice spot, look into similar locales that are in the shoulder season, which is that season between high and low season. If possible, have a couple of different travel dates which will work for you.
  5. Know the Risks of Low Season. While low season has some great bargains, you need to know the risks. During the low season is when the hurricane season is taking place and although you may not encounter a hurricane, you may have a higher chance of encountering storms. This is definitely a time to discuss travel insurance with us.
  6. Honeymoon Registry. While many of you may already have a fully stocked home, you may find that registering for HoneymoonWishes (on our website), is a great way to off-set some of the costs of your accommodations and certainly for your honeymoon. We will assist you in getting your HoneyMoon Registry set-up so that your guests can easily select a fabulous gift for you from the comforts of their living room.
  7. Price Out Travel Packages. We will be happy to price out a travel package for you and your guests, which combine flights, hotel stays and round-trip airport transfers. We can always add extras like excursions and VIP lounge areas at the airports. We can also provide you with a resort package, where you can use your miles to purchase your own airfare.
  8. Know All Your Costs. If you want to frequent the Spa, buy some souvenirs and possibly eat outside the resort one night, make sure you factor in all of these additional costs before you make a final decision as to your destination and resort final choice.
  9. Finding Your Airfare. One of the biggest challenges is finding the flight schedule and airfare which fits within your budget. We always suggest that you start to look on-line so that you have an idea of prices and which airlines are flying to your favorite destination. Sometimes it is less expensive to fly during the week rather than on the weekend. In searching on line, you will begin to get an idea of what day of the week you want for your wedding and what day you want to suggest for your guest travel.
  10. Book Early. When you are going to find the lowest rate is a very contested subject and, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a crystal ball for booking times. We have found that there is one rule to live by. If you are going to a popular destination in peak season, don’t wait for fares to drop – they’re more likely to go up as inventory sells out. Use miles . . . if you don’t have miles and know which airline flies there, you can sign up for a credit card that partners with that airline.
  11. Use Miles. If you have miles and you know who flies there, you can sign up for a credit card that partners with that airline.




We’re delighted to offer you our Travel Management Program for you and your invited guests. You can now get the same quality of service that you expect from your wedding for your honeymoon and we’ll look after your guests travel too.

We are competitively priced but, just as important, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we know the dates and timing of your destination wedding. Because of this, you can be assured that everyone who books with us will be with you for your wedding day. Our tour operators are the leading tour operators for the Caribbean and Mexico, which means we will always be looking to get you the best prices along with travel insurance to protect your investment.

    We include the following in our Travel Management Program:

  • * Professional and experienced staff to help you create our dream honeymoon within your budget;
  • * Experienced knowledge of the best hotels to book;
  • * Emergency contact available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • * No unfriendly call center here. You speak to the same person from start to finish;
  • * You provide us with your guests details and we’ll contact them to discuss their individual requirements . . . it’s that simple!
  • * Access to any group discounts if you decide on a group rate;
  • * Payment plan set up for resort packages;
  • * Price match guarantee ;

It can be exhausting work getting guests and family plans together . . . so don’t do it! Let us do all this for you . . . ALL THE DETAILS . . . ALL THE WORK!