Jamaica Renewals


Little girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding day. From the time we are old enough to buy magazines, the bridal magazines hold a particular fascination to all girls and along with that comes the daydream of the day they will walk down the aisle and marry the man of their dreams. Women of all ages are caught up in the romance and beauty of a wedding. Sometimes, however, that dream wedding didn’t happen. Due to many circumstances, some couples marry in a civil ceremony at home or something didn’t go right such as a photographer making a major mistake, one of the bridal party didn’t show up or the weather was so inclement it limited the number of guests attending. But, more often, when a couple gets married, they can’t afford the wedding they would like or have always dreamed of.


As couples live together after the different above circumstances, they feel closer together. Renewing wedding vows is now a big part of our culture. The above reasons are just a few reasons and we have listed a few more below:
  • 1. Couple wants to re-create the dream wedding they didn’t have the first time; having a vow renewal in Jamaica will bring back that special moment for you.
  • 2. Couple didn’t have a formal wedding the first time around;
  • 3. Possibly there were faith issues involved the first time which are not present now;
  • 4. Some couples choose an anniversary or milestone to renew their wedding vows.
  • 5. Having a vow renewal in Jamaica is an opportunity to bring all family members together for this special occasion.
  • 6. Because the renewal is not a legal ceremony, each couple may decide to have their own minister perform the renewal ceremony;

The renewal of vows ceremony can be as elaborate as a wedding or can be a simple ceremony . . . the choice is up to the couple. The couple may renew their vows with their children being a part of the ceremony or just the two of them taking part in the ceremony. Although many couples do not give additional or different rings, this may be done especially if a very plain ring or rings were given the first time. This is where a lot of grooms give his re-newed bride an eternity ring or some other ring to commemorate this special occasion.


The Resorts of Jamaica feature wonderful all-inclusive vow renewal packages at a lesser price than their legal wedding packages due to the fact that no Jamaican marriage license is required. Just let us know, when you start your planning, that you want to have a renewal of vows ceremony and we will provide you with the requirements for the resort you have chosen.